6. The Memorial

Yesterday we acknowledged the one year anniversary of Betsy’s passing. Life’s been different without her. That’s for sure. We all miss her tremendously.

We held a small memorial picnic up at Olive’s Knoll last month and mounted a memorial stone there. The memorial stone includes names from both the McKinstry and Ball families (who bought the Tregay homestead together nearly a century ago).

I wanted to share some photos of the memorial picnic as well as some from Betsy’s life that I personally love.


FullSizeRender (3)
The memorial stone at Olive’s Knoll picnic site. It was a serious challenge mounting it to the boulder, but I think it looks very nice!
Ed, Betsy’s husband, giving a small remembrance speech at the picnic (making everyone cry).
From left to right: Kit, Cody, and Seth (Betsy and Ed’s sons) preparing to spread her ashes.
Seth spreading Betsy’s ashes.

(Thank you Lee & Mary Kay Sommers for the photos!)


Here are some of my favorite photos of Betsy:

Young Couple 2 (1)
Ed and Betsy, a beautiful young couple.
Wedding Day
Happy wedding day!
Piano with Newborn
Serenading the baby.
With Baby Seth
With baby Seth.
With Baby Cody
With baby Cody.
Bath Time with Kit
With baby Kit.
Chirstmas Family Photo
Awesome family photo.
White Horse 2
Betsy doing what she loved most.

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