8. The Logs

Log Package Provided by Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes

One of the first decisions we made while designing our cabin is what type of logs we wanted to use. In our third blog post, we explain how we settled on Western Red Cedar logs.

Some of the world’s most select distributors of Western Red Cedar are located on Canada’s west coast.  That’s where our logs are being sourced.

Interesting fact many people don’t know: Our log cabin is currently being built on site in Canada. It will be handcrafted to completion and then disassembled and shipped to us in about a month and half or so, depending on a variety of factors … for instance, Mother Nature.

Did you know that in early July there were more than 200 wildfires burning in Canada’s British Columbia province? Since the start of wildfire season on April 1, the province has seen more than 700 fires this year!

We are extremely fortunate to say that our cabin was not one of the many that burned down! However, the wildfires did slow progress on our cabin since most of the workers put everything on hold to fight the fires … understandably so!

Happily, most of the fires are now under control! After a few weeks of craziness, our logs are being hand peeled and scribed once again.

All of the photos of the logs below have been kindly provided by Dennis Anderson, one of the owners of Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes.  And can I just mention really quickly, he has been AMAZING to work with! We’ve requested a few last-minute changes to the logs, and he’s been super-duper accommodating and helpful.

I can really tell he cares about the quality and character of each home he helps craft. He’s brought many details to our attention that we would not have considered and has assisted us in making great choices! Not to mention he’s been awesome about saving all of the scrap pieces for our personal projects.

Logs in Canada
One row of logs were assembled before the wildfires blazed into madness. This picture was taken in early July.
Logs in Canada
Now that the wildfires are under control, the workers can focus on building cabins again! Our cabin is the one pictured in the front. We’ve added a row of logs! Wahoo!
Log Ends
Dennis sent us this photo of another current build to help us decide how we wanted the log ends to look. Flared? Staggered? Chisel point? Or none of the above? We decided on flared and staggered with no chisel point. The flared pieces add such beautiful character!
You can see the interior side of the logs on the left side are unaltered (still rounded) while the interior side on the backside have been flattened. This is because the backside is the kitchen wall where we will need to hang cabinets and plan to put a rock backsplash to match the island. Flat walls are a LOT EASIER to work with when installing cabinets and backsplash LOL!
FullSizeRender (2)
Dennis generously offered to put a built-in chair (roughly sketched here) in one of the flared end pieces. However, we didn’t take him up on the offer since we have some other long-term plans for that part of the deck, and the chair didn’t fit in unfortunately. See below for an example.
Here’s a picture of a built-in chair that’s available on the Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes custom gallery just to give you an idea of what he offered us. They are super cool, especially with the larger logs!

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