15. We’ve Got Electricity!!

I’ve been slacking on getting pictures posted! I guess I’ve been having too much fun shopping for all of the light fixtures, bathroom vanities, bathtubs, appliances, and such (thank you Black Friday and Cyber Monday!)  🙂

Here are some things that’ve happened since my last post about the logs going up.

  • The roof is on! Temperatures are too cold to put the asphalt shingles on right now, but we have ice and water shield on the roof which will protect it throughout the winter. Ice and water shield is vastly different from traditional felt paper. It’s the gold standard for creating leak-free roofs in all climates.
  • Most of the interior framing is done! The loft is up and all of the interior rooms are starting to take shape.
  • We’ve got electricity! We did a final electrical walk-through before Thanksgiving and hand picked exactly where we wanted all of our lights and electrical outlets.
  • The basement floors are nearly done! The first layer was rock, then insulation, and finally concrete. All those layers should keep our tootsy warm 🙂
  • The plumbing is roughed in! Our poor GC had his work cut out for him with the plumbing plan in our cabin (particularly in our master loft), but he did an excellent job figuring out how to accomplish it all (and in an attractive way, too).
  • The exterior basement walls are being prepped for a rock facade!

And some pictures, of course!!

The windows are covered by either plywood or plastic at the moment.
Exterior walls being prepped for rock facade.
View from master bedroom (the loft).
Kit sneaking a picture of me as I envision MY master bathroom. He already knows his bathroom is in the basement LOL.
Kit sneaking a picture of me as I envision the kitchen.
So many wires! Can I just say again how impressed I am with people who build houses and other buildings?! This stuff is way beyond me.
It’s hard to tell from this picture, but they had to cut into the logs to put all those electrical outlets in. That’s no easy task!
Pardon the mess 😉
Framing of the bunk room closet and main floor bathroom.

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