17. What Happened to Our Road?!

Kit, Ed, and I made it up to the cabin yesterday. It was pretty chilly up there, but that didn’t stop the guys from playing in the water. Our road to the cabin is temporarily missing, but that’s quite all right since it means we’ll  have a water line soon!



They were also busy working on the inside of the cabin. They framed the main floor fireplace and master bathtub.



1. Master Bathroom Bath Tub (2 of 2)
Here’s a picture of the general design we’re aiming for on the master bathtub. We plan to use dark rock and will not have a light fixture in the middle, but overall this is the look we’re going for.
Here’s a picture of the vanity we ordered. We’ll be doing something different for the sinks, but I love the reclaimed barnwood!

For those of you who don’t follow me on social media: I finished my relief carving of the mama bear and baby bear a little bit ago!


I also announced on social media a new project I’m working on which was partly inspired by my love of woodland creatures. I’m getting ready to publish a series of children’s picture books! The series is called Fisher ‘n’ Fletcher: The Zany Fox Twins. It’s about fox twin brothers who are always getting into trouble together. The whole process of bringing a book to life through illustrations has been a dream come true for me! I hired a very talented illustrator a few weeks ago and already have several rough sketches in my possession. Every time she sends me a new sketch it’s like opening a Christmas present!

FnF - P1
We’re still editing this first double page spread, but I’m LOVING how it’s developing!!
FnF - P2 cropped
This one is still in rough draft. The foxes still need their tails, but it’s coming along quite nicely. I wonder what idea they just came up with?!

As always, thank you for following us! We love sharing our lives with you. Life is soooooooooooooo much more fun when you have the pleasure of sharing it with supportive friends!



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