19. Insulation, Siding, & Walls

Hi guys!

Here’s a quick update on the cabin. Since our last post, all of the insulation has been sprayed/packed. It was a big job since all of the logs had to be wrapped in plastic and protected.

Due to an error (in our favor), we ended up with a lot more insulation than anticipated. Our GC joked that we’ll be able to “heat our home with a candle stick.” That makes me happy because we like being warm and cozy!

They sprayed two layers of insulation, closed-cell and open-cell.
Closed-cell insulation is dense and very effective, while the open-cell coating adds extra R-value for a reasonable cost.
The garage got regular batt insulation.

While the insulation team worked on the inside, another team worked on the live-edge siding. It looks so cool in person!

I love the color variations and double-layered fascia! It adds so much character.
We’re still missing one window for the master loft. The siding and fascia are mostly complete though.
We’ll have a small deck off the master loft for me and my honey to smooch on! There will be just enough space for two people to sit in chairs and hold hands.
Garage doors and double French doors for the basement level “should” be in this week. The siding is mostly done on the front. Just need to finish the right corner. Excited to see how it looks stained/finished!

After all of the insulation was done, they started on the pine tongue-and-groove walls and ceilings. I’m in love with how it’s turning out! 😍

Here’s a picture of the main room in the basement. I have a lot of staining to do 😒😛
The basement stairs were also set. Talk about HEAVY! These stairs are half log monsters. If you’re wondering what the little pieces of wood are doing on the stairs, the guys put them down to protect the stairs during construction from major scratches and scuffs.
Speaking of stairs, we did get all of our railings and spindles delivered for the stairs and decks. Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes added two fancy newel posts for the main floor stairs as a way to make up for the late delivery. That was a pleasant surprise!
T&G ceiling in the kitchen hallway.
T&G under the deck awnings.

After all of the tongue-and-groove is done this week, they start on the rock! That will make a huge difference in the appearance. Also, we plan to have the roof completed within the week.

Things are going to start moving really quickly since we’re racing to meet our construction loan deadline. We’re trying to stay positive, but the reality is there is still much to be accomplished.

I did refinish this lovely wine barrel this weekend for our main floor bathroom vanity!

Ordered the sink for this bad boy today!

Also, for those who don’t follow me on social media. I recently released a little spiritual book. It’s been ranked #1 for several days this month on Amazon’s Hot New Release list for “Teen & Young Adult Body, Mind & Spirit” books! To me, that is just soooooooo amazing!

A short spiritual book (not from any particular religious viewpoint). It’s illustrated too!

If you like encouraging, uplifting books, you can buy a copy here: Becky’s Uplifting Spiritual Book

I’m also working on the 2nd book in the Fisher ‘n’ Fletcher children’s picture book series. Any guesses what they’re plotting this time?!

Book 2 is anticipated to be released in a few short months!

You can find Book 1 here: Becky’s Cute Children’s Book 1

As always, thank you for taking the time to read about our lives! We appreciate the love and support.


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