20. A Castle-y Cabin

Talk about a busy month! Everyone is working hard to meet our construction deadline, but it hasn’t been easy or without stress. Actually, we’ve already had to extend our deadline by 15 days. That being said, the cabin is looking extra BEAUTIFUL with much of the interior work done.

To tell you the truth, I’m quite relieved and happy to see that our interior design choices are coming together the way we hoped. There are soooooooo many small choices you’d probably never think of in the beginning when designing a home from the ground up … or at least we never thought of them. We’ve made thousands of big and little choices throughout the process that sometimes make us wonder if it’s all going to come together okay.

Kit has graciously allowed me to make most of the interior design choices, but he made two really big decisions that were key to the entire project when it came to the overall look of the cabin. The first choice he made was the type of logs the cabin would be made out of — Western Red Cedar. They are truly the most beautiful logs I’ve ever seen in my life! Second, he was adamant about putting a lot of rock on the exterior and interior of the cabin. He’s always loved castles and selected a rock that spoke to that. I couldn’t be happier with both of his choices! My husband is a genius, but don’t tell him I said that. His head is big enough as it is 😉

Our gorgeous kitchen island with black granite counter tops! We’re still planning to paint the cabinets a sage/light olive green color, but I have to say, I don’t mind at all how the white cabinets look either 🙂
We’re going to do a live-edge mantle that will sit on top of the small logs already in place. Pictured here is a gas fireplace on the main floor. We have a wood-burning stove in the basement.
This is the master bath in our loft. We’re planning on putting a few accent logs just above the stone.
Pictured here is the guest bathroom on the main floor. We’re going to re-purpose a stock tank for a bathtub and a wine barrel for a vanity in this bathroom.
We’re using the same rock throughout the entire cabin. The exposed “basement” level will be covered in it! Absolutely cannot wait to see how it looks finished!
This picture is from Thursday, May 17th. They had a pretty big portion of the chimney rocked in by then. We also have the roof shingles on. That happened a few weeks ago. I picked black walnut for the roof shingles which is a mixture of black, dark grey, and dark brown. I love it!

This weekend the guys were working on all of the interior railing for the stairs and hanging light fixtures. Our general contractor sent us this photo of the loft railing.


I think these pendant lights above the kitchen bar are pretty!
Antler chandelier in the living room.
Cool-looking wall sconce in our loft with raw-hide lamps and resin antlers.
Wall sconces in the bunk room for the bunk beds!
I also love this front door with the iron work. Another smart decision made by Kit.

Kit also made some progress on the awesome (and dare I say REALLY F’ING HEAVY) kitchen table he’s making. He’s building it out of two live-edge pieces of pine with river rock as the center. There’s even a gold spinner hiding in the river for someone to spot 🙂 He hasn’t finished all of the epoxy pouring yet, but has two layers done, and it’s looking incredible.

Table top before the first layer of epoxy was poured. Tractor weights to help level-out the tiny bit of warp left in the live-edge.
Close up of the epoxy. It’s so clear, it looks like fresh mountain water. 🙂 One or two more layers to go to cover the entire table top!

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Cheers!


Kuba also says hi! … and ‘Merica!

3 thoughts on “20. A Castle-y Cabin

  1. All coming together very nicely ~ You two cuties have done a magnificent job building your dream cabin ~ Soon the fruits of your labor will be drooling off your lips 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know what else to say but W….O…..W!!! I took a look at those pictures & the progress since the last time I peeked, my head turned around quicker than Linda Blair’s, eyes popped out, jaw hit floor, now I’m just trying to put my face back together …. Amazing, gorgeous, etc., etc., etc.


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