21. Moving In

Yesterday was incredible. We built dining room chairs in the morning, took the mule (Kawasaki type) for a long adventure, and went fishing in the canoe. While we were on the water, we got to watch a female moose take a swim up close and personal. At first I was a little nervous because she was so close to us. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about moose attacking people, so that ran through my mind. She was just out to enjoy herself, though, and spent about a half hour down at the lake with us. We also got to watch a family of little ducks catch their dinner, which was surprisingly bubbly and entertaining.

Our cabin is still sort of under construction. We moved in after our certificate of occupancy was issued, but there are a lot of little projects going on and a few big projects too (like staining!).

Here are some pictures 🙂

Kit taught me how to make this chair. I learned how to use several new tools in the process. I find it very gratifying to build our own furniture. We get to take an ugly dead tree and transform it into a beautiful thing and give it new life. I think that’s cool.
Night stand made by Kit. Carving done by me.
Kit is still finishing the epoxy on this table. Yes, he’s pouring it in our house on our brand new floors. A little daring.
Kit made this beautiful log bed for us.
I just love how the master tub turned out! I haven’t used it a lot because our well water needs some treatment. Currently our water is orange from the iron bacteria and it makes a big mess. It should be fixed on Tuesday.
I love cooking in this kitchen.
I think we’re going to leave the cabinets white for a little while. We were going to paint them a pretty olive green, but we have a lot of other projects we want to focus on. Plus, they look good white!
It’s nice to be able to press a button and have fire. 🙂
Guest bath is *almost* ready! The stock tank tub is awesome. I wondered about how comfortable it would be, but it works much better than I thought.
Wine barrel converted into a small vanity.
It’s not a cabin until you add red flannel. The guest bedroom is coming together!!! We can’t wait for visitors. We still want to build log beds and outfit the loft (which is not pictured and is directly behind me in this photo).
This is actually not a *real* antler chandelier. All of our light fixtures are made from resin. They look great though!


We are truly living our dream and are so grateful for every moment of it. Thank you for stopping by our blog and sharing this part of our lives with us.



6 thoughts on “21. Moving In

  1. I can’t put in words how cozy and unique this place looks. You are truly living Barry and my dream and thanks for sharing. It makes it special when you use your own hands to put the final touch on things. Everything is perfect and gorgeous and will last a lifetime plus.



  2. thanks for sending, love seeing what you are doing, bet you will love this home you have made yourselves,  blessing to you both, So beautiful!!!  K


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